October 9, 2013

Whoo Whoot! It's Humpday!

Seriously, it's only Wednesday, and this week has kind of sucked. Nothing earth shattering, but come on, universe. Throw me a frickin' bone!

So as I am wont to do when crappy weeks happen, here are my favorite things so far:
  • C-man got a new haircut last night. Shaggy on top and super short on the sides and back. It is adorable. And just in time for school photos.
  • We've gotten thank you notes and emails from all our friends who attended the party last weekend. Our friends are awesome and considerate. We are truly blessed.
  • I realized that because we are members to Discovery World (Beerman gets it free for teaching a brewing class there), we get into the Chicago Science and Industry Museum free. Sweet!
  •  I got a brand new tin of cinnamon Altoids. Seriously, so good.
  • Tonight, we've got absolutely nothing to do but hang out and play video games. Sweet.

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