October 3, 2013

Thursday Thirteen

  1. I got my LLC paperwork yesterday. I even got little certificates to give to the owners. That made me laugh.
  2. Still haven't sold a single thing, but hey, what do I care?
  3. Our big Fall Fest party is Saturday.
  4. It's supposed to rain and be cold. We can deal with rain, but severe weather would be a deal breaker.
  5. I am devastated at the thought of having to cancel this.
  6. This week has been crazy at work, and I see no signs of it slowing down.
  7. I've had to be late to meetings just so I can go pee. That sucks.
  8. I need to stop multitasking so much. It's definitely making me stupider.
  9. Then again, it may be because I've doubled the dose of my arthritis medication.
  10. But as far as the pain and swelling goes, doubling the dose has helped me sleep, which is a huge plus.
  11. Then again, my hip is still hurting so bad, I can barely function. I know, I'm all picky and stuff.
  12. The Jingle Bell Run/Walk is coming up in case anyone wants to join. See the sidebar.
  13. I have a half day tomorrow to get ready for Fall Fest. Pray for no lightning!

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