August 28, 2014

Day 4

Today's staycation fun took us to the Milwaukee Art Museum, where the Kandinsky exhibit is in its final days. It was a good exhibit, and while Kandinsky isn't my most favorite artist, we learned a lot and had an enjoyable time.

Then we, of course, went to have lunch at the lakefront and enjoy a beautiful day.

And tonight, he has his first football scrimmage. Something for which he is absolutely thrilled about.


In other news, we were all challenged in one way or another to do the Ice Bucket Challenge - C-man by a friend, Beerman by his sister, and me by Beerman.


Mary Z said...

We REALLY want to see the Milwaukee Art Museum (for the building, specifically). We thought we were going to get there in early October (and try to meet you and yours), but it's not to be. Maybe sometime!

l'empress said...

I really enjoying knowing about a kid like C-Man -- one who love sports and also appreciates art museums. Obviously, he is mentored well.