August 21, 2014

Staycation is coming

As the week winds down, I'm finding myself really looking forward to next week's vacation. While it's usually a week away on the lake as a family, with football and the impending kitchen renovation, this year's week ahs turned into a staycation. C-man wants to see some art and each some French food. Maybe we'll day trip it to Chicago. (Returning for 5 p.m. practice, of course!) I'd like to geocache and play some mini-golf.

No matter where we go, I'm going to make sure it's a week to focus on the calm and the fun, and not be so scattered. Because I really do feel scattered lately. I try to read a book, and my mind wanders. I start to clean up the kitchen, and I end up elbow deep in cleaning a toilet bowl. Or I just find myself staring off, not really able to concentrate on anything or anywhere.

Only 2 more days...

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