August 7, 2014

Thursday thirteen

  1. It's football equipment pickup night. That's right. We agreed and signed C-man up for tackle football. Lord have mercy on us all.
  2. Practice is every single night from 5 - 7:30. This child is going to be exhausted.
  3. Thank goodness the fourth grade teacher he's getting doesn't believe in homework!
  4. Grandma is still in the hospital. No word yet on her release. We continue to be worried sick and praying hard.
  5. I'm heading to the Brewers game for "work" today. Sweet.
  6. My arthritis is total crap lately.
  7. At least I have two coolers of beer chilling in my trunk for the game. That should help with the rest.
  8. Harry's been getting liver in his meals. He is back to being his puppy self and waking us up for breakfast. Spoiled puppy.
  9. I'm heading north to see my bees this weekend. I'm so excited. I hope they're doing well, and I can add more honey supers.
  10. I pulled the sugar syrup from Amelia's hive, and am hoping I can do the same for Beatrix's. This bee thing might actually work out for me.
  11. A year ago, I went to NYC with my sisters and mom. It feels like forever ago, unfortunately. That was a fun trip.
  12. I have the day off tomorrow. I need to schedule a massage.
  13. I think I get to pick C-man up from camp today. Maybe I'll take him for the giant shake he always wants and his dad doesn't stop to get him. :)

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