August 10, 2014

Weekend: The End

I'm happy to report that the bees are doing well.

Beatrix's hive is still way behind, and doesn't even have a honey super. But there were several frames of capped brood, and they'd moved into the second brood box, which was a big step forward. Hopefully when I get back again, I'll be able to put a honey super on to Beatrix's hive. I don't see harvesting anything from this hive, but they need at least that to get through the winter.

Amelia's hive is crazy good. The honey super I'd put on two weeks ago was totally full of honey. (Two of the frames were capped, meaning the honey was less than 18 % water. The rest weren't capped, which means they need to fan their wings at it until it evaporates, and then cap it.) So I put two more honey supers on it. Hopefully they'll be able to fill them before I head back in two weeks.

In other news, I'm heading to Chicago the next couple of days for a certification class on test writing. (My life is so riveting, isn't it?) And that about ends a pretty darned good weekend.

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