August 18, 2014

It's Monday again

This weekend went far too quickly. What I'd intended to be quite lazy turned into a bit of a frenetic get it all done around the house. Beerman and I did get to go see a movie (The Hundred-Foot Journey) while C-man was staying over at a friend's house. (Despite it being an Oprah movie, sitting in front of an older couple who reiterated the points to one another aloud (often minutes after the point or connection was obviously made), near a woman who not only didn't shut her phone off but answered it and talked in a regular voice without leaving the theater, and behind another woman who repeatedly checked her phone on highest brightness throughout, it was a feel good fun time.)

This morning, C-man was so tired we had to peel him out of bed this morning (what I believe is the result of both the sleepover and his body still recovering from week 1 of football). But he's off to his last week of camp - a fishing one this week. And then next week, we are lazing around on our duffs all week. Well, except for him from 5 - 7:30 each day, of course. It's hard to comprehend it's all winding down. Sigh. I am going to miss summer break.

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