January 6, 2017

At last. Friday.

  • My back has been really terrible. I'm blaming the disgusting weather.
  • I can't believe our next president is arguing with the Terminator via Twitter. I mean, honestly, I really can't grasp it.
  • This whole wrestling weight loss thing is so stressful. I really dislike this sport more than ever now. But C-man's so stressed about it, it'd be so sad for him to miss the cut. So here's hoping and praying and drinking fluids.
  • C-man's now planning out his menu for post-wrestling season. It's like your last meal in reverse.
  • I'm loving Ed Sheeran's new songs. I'm sure the radio will play them until I hate them, though. But for now, they're pretty catchy.
  • Beerman and I have a cooking class tonight while C-man skis. I hope it's fun.
  • It's finally Friday. Every day I've been convinced it was a different day than it was. Short week after a holiday will do that to you. But today? Friday, for sure.

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