January 1, 2017

Those pesky resolutions again

  • WEIGHT: Time to lose some weight. Since C-man has been working really hard and successfully cutting off almost 5 pounds for his wrestling weight class, in spite of all these people giving us boxes of cookies and treats this holiday season, it's time for me to do something, too. I need to get 15 pounds off. If I manage more, because I really should, that's great. But 15 would be an amazing start. Plus, it'll help C-man with his goals, which is a bonus.
  • READING: I've gotten so far off the reading bandwagon, it's embarrassing. So this year, I'm back to reading. At least 20 books.
  • MEDITATION: I'm going to continue to meditate regularly. While I've already started this, I want to continue it through the year because it really is such a positive thing for me. My goal is to meditate 4 times a week. Anything more is just pleasant gravy.
  • PAIN: It's time to figure out this back pain once and for all. Which means I have to suck it up and see a back surgeon. Ugh. But I can't just live like this anymore. And 2017 is my year to finally fix it.
  • CONSCIOUS PHOTOGRAPHY: At least once a week, I want to focus on taking photos of something new. I've really gotten out of the photography habit, because it's become a grind to take photos of C-man's sports teams and then edit them. So if I can find a new space, and create new, I'm hoping to find my groove again.
So that's it. My genuine effort to be a simpler, more focused, and more conscious participant in this thing called life. Happy 2017. We're going to crush this together!

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