January 9, 2017

Learning moments

After sweating it out, working out, limiting food, and dehydrating for 24 hours, C-man made weight for Sunday's tournament with a pound and a half to spare. I made it quite clear that we wouldn't be making weight like that on the regular, because just no. So now that he knows he has to be 110, we'll stay there appropriately because it's just too damned stressful on me.

But he was so proud of himself to ride the team bus and compete in the dual, so that was great. The setup was a team dual with 4 matches for each weight class. To get more kids experience, the coach split the matches between two kids. As the varsity kid, C-man got the two tough matches. That, combined with the fact that they were his first matches of the season, saw him at the bottom of two pins. After having worked to get to that weight class, he was not happy about that. At all. But, as all things are, it was a learning experience. And while he still isn't happy about it, I think it helped give him some perspective.

It was clear how stressful it all was, though, because he was falling asleep at dinner. And when we went home, he couldn't even stay awake for that awesome Packers game to finish up. So now, we plod ahead through the work week to next weekend's tournament. The one where you just weigh in what you weigh and we don't stress about it. Hallelujah.

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