January 16, 2017

Winning Weekend

This weekend, we headed out to Hartford to wrestle. After last weekend's tournament, we did a lot of discussing where his frame of mind was going to be. And somehow, it must have worked, because the incredibly tough minded C-man showed up. 

His first match was against a 7th grader who also showed up. And despite not wrestling incredibly well in the first period, by the third period, C-man exploded. He managed to win it in the last 5 seconds with a reversal to put himself up 4-2. The other kid stormed off angrily. C-man was about as happy as I've ever seen him.

The second match was against another 7th grader. C-man worked through his moves, and ended up with a head throw and a pin. (Head throwing is not an encouraged move, but it was there, so C-man took it.) C-man was thrilled.

The last kid he wrestled was someone he'd wrestled in previous years. It was clear the difference a mindset can make. He went into it thinking he was going to win, and it was the worst he wrestled all day. Thankfully, he was skilled enough to out-muscle this kid and win 9-0. But again, it was a learning experience for him about the importance and difference his mental frame of mind can make.

And with three wins in a four-man bracket, it meant he was in first place. Ahhh, the sweet, sweet feeling of being a winner.

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