December 31, 2008

Good endings

The last chapter in a good book is always my favorite. The one in which you race to the end, barely reading every-other-word, trying to figure it all out. How does the story all come together? And I've read a few good books lately. But the endings have been less than stellar. The main character dies. Or divorces. Or something equally dismal. And that's how I've felt about 2008. Everytime I think it has promise, the ending takes a little shit on us. So I'm big on good endings. And I'm equally big on resolutions. Not silly "I'm going to lose x number of pounds" resolutions, but ones that make me do better things. And unlike the majority of the population, I do what I set out to do. I take on one mission a year. And I'm getting a little nervous because the minutes are ticking away to the end of the year, and I'm still not sure which one to pick. So I'm off to the neighbor's party and going to need to figure it out while I'm there. What path should I take in 2009 to develop a better me? Should it be all about me? Something for other people? Something for my family? Whatever it is, it's going to need to take me out of 2008 with a well-deserved bang. Peace to you all. And here's to a better 2009. Now I just have to figure out the "how".

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