May 15, 2014


  • My car's in the shop. It's been shaking like a milkshake when I accelerate on the interstate.
  • It has 20,000 miles so should be under warranty. What are the chances it actually will be?
  • I couldn't sleep last night, so watched The Secret Life of Bees. That movie makes me cry.
  • Josh Reddick's choice of walk-up song might be the best one ever.
  • My boss' sister-in-law is in the hospital with two aneurysms. The medical bills are coming in and they need help. If you can, donate here. These people have fostered countless children, including the little girl my boss adopted.
  • It makes me so angry that we have to beg for money to live in this country.
  • The New Zealand All Blacks are going to play in Soldier Field later this year. As Beerman said, What a great way to see Soldier Field and not have to deal with all those Bears fans.
  • I'm so thankful C-man doesn't have a baseball game until Sunday. Sitting in 39 degree rain would be a bad, bad thing.
  • Tomorrow, Beerman and I have a dinner out together to celebrate our anniversary. Lucky #13 this year.
  • I wonder how my bees are doing? Are my queens out? Are they laying eggs? Are the workers eating the sugar syrup? Are they happy? Will I be able to tell any of this when I look at the hive?

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