May 19, 2014

Lucky #13

  1. Because he enables each one of my crazy ideas
  2. Because he's a fantastic father to our son (who happens to be just like him)
  3. Because he laughs a lot
  4. Because he researches everything to make sure it's done right
  5. Because he cooks me meals every single night
  6. Because his wanderlust for travel rivals my own
  7. Because our values are the same
  8. Because his taste in TV and movies are so similar (he doesn't do the chick flicks, but I'll let that slide)
  9. Because he's incredibly thoughtful
  10. Because he can balance a chemical equation easily
  11. Because he worries constantly about our little family and my health
  12. Because he enjoys life
  13. Because he loves me


Mary Z said...

A beautiful couple. Best wishes for many more great years!

l'empress said...

That's a lovely picture, and an even lovelier list.

Happy anniversary!