May 4, 2014

Double-header Sunday

Today was the annual game at Helfaer Field, the small park next to Miller Park that used to be where County Stadium sat. C-man got his first solid hit. (The last one was just a little blooper we'd rather not remember.) He was soooo happy. Apparently those private hitting times are paying off.

With the hit, he also got an RBI. Both, big deals for him. He also got hit by the ball another time up. It happens. But at least there were no strikeouts.

Yesterday, the coach told us to bring his cup because he was going to put him in as catcher. So imagine my surprise when I saw him in the bullpen warming up to pitch. Ack! I was a complete nervous wreck. He hadn't practiced pitching much. And let's just say we won't be including this outing in his lifetime ERA.

It was only an exhibition game, which is why they all got to play all over the place. But they won anyway, which was the cherry on top. And now, we're off to game 2 of the day. At least it's sunny.

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