May 27, 2014

Happy things

  • It's a 4 day work-week.
  • We get to wear whatever we want to work for the summer.
  • We have lots of apple blossoms on types we've never had before. It's exciting.
  • C-man has two baseball games this week. That makes him really happy, which makes me happy.
  • He has his spring concert on Wednesday and has to dress like a rapper. Seeing 23 third grade uniformed Catholic school kids from a pretty fortunate area of town try to look thuggish is going to be, well, awesome.
  • Coffee. Seriously, coffee should always be on this list.
  • I've been listening to the Divergent Series (I've got a lot of time in the car with these trips to and from Coleman every weekend). iTunes wanted $30 for the third book, but I got it for free for signing up with an Audible free trial. (I'm going to cancel the Audibles subscription before I'm charged, because it saves you no money, but free is always great.)
  • I think about my bees a lot and it makes me smile.
  • Beerman and I are going to the Brewers Friday night for his work event. We'll be in the Gehl Club. (Needless to say, I won't be repeating last year's sugar over-eating mistakes!)

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