May 6, 2014

It's Tapas Tuesday

I had a massage last night, which was a pretty great cap to any Monday, let alone my birthday. But tonight, we're going to celebrate at Pastiche, a restaurant I've been wanting to get to, but just haven't made it. And since C-man is with us, I figured French would be a safe bet. So imagine my giggles when Beerman told me it's Tapas Tuesday! Nothing says French like tapas, after all. That's okay. I'll just tell C-man we're getting him ready for the Spanish trip he so desperately wants to take.

Speaking of trips, my passport expired this week. Dang it. How did I let that happen? I knew it was coming, and then it just sneaked up on me. I'm hoping to get a new picture taken tonight so I can have the whole thing sent out tomorrow. I'm going to miss this passport. It has stamps from Botswana, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, France, and Turkey. I think my new passport will be my 6th passport.

Speaking of the 6th, today is the 6th. We have a baseball practice tonight (before dinner), a baseball game to watch tomorrow, a half-day on Friday to drive north, and then Saturday is the 10th - which is what I'm really looking forward to, because it's going to be my bee day! I am so excited about getting my bees. I really hope I don't screw this up. After all this thinking about it, it's hard to believe it's actually going to happen.

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