May 23, 2014

Jr Olympics Day

It was Jr Olympics day at school. I always love this day, because the kids are outside and having fun. C-man had less fun this year with no medals. In part because they paired 3rd and 4th grade together (and as we've learned on his baseball team, there's a big leap from 9 to 10), and in part because he insisted on wearing those stupid high tops.

I still had a ton of fun, however, and ended up manning a camera at the finish line to determine the winners of races. (Seriously, people, how hard is it to use a stopwatch?) It was a good thing, because a few parents were trying to get their kids up higher in the results than they really were, and I had photo proof. It was also cool to show that twice it was a complete tie. I've been told they want to continue with the camera next year. Personally, I'm rallying to get the kids chipped.

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