May 21, 2014

Mid-week ramblings

  • The A's won another game last night. This time it was against #2 in the league. That means they're still #1.
  • We have a solid 7 days off baseball games now.
  • I was examining my burr comb that I'd brought home with me from my hive, and realized it has eggs in it. (I took it out because it was built to bridge the gap where the queen cage was to the next frame because they don't like extra space, and a messy hive causes me headaches.)
  • This means Amelia is laying eggs. Awesome. I just hope Beatrix is doing as well. Her hive is the one I am a bit worried about.
  • C-man has a field trip to the EAA today. He really wanted me to come, but I couldn't do 2 days off this week. Plus, a whole day looking at planes - meh.
  • I'm taking Friday off to be at his Jr. Olympics event, which is always fun.

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