April 9, 2015

Rainy days

  • We went to Chicago yesterday. It was a day of trains, cabs, museums, Niketown, Eataly, and home again. A good day away.
  • Today, C-man went to get his hand checked. The old cast came off. Unfortunately, a new one got put on for two more weeks. He was devastated.
  • At least this cast won't stink for a few days.
  • Tonight's the wrestling banquet potluck. We're bringing two 9x13 pans of macaroni and cheese Beerman made.
  • Have I mentioned how much I usually hate potluck food? At least I'll have good mac and cheese.
  • It's rained a ton. Okay, a little over 2.5 inches. And as much as I hate weather talk, this is more flood talk. I've really come to hate spring rain.
  • Beasley wasn't afraid of the storms at all, which was fabulous. He does, however, hate not going to the park.
  • The entire family snuggling on the bed and watching Parks and Rec wasn't too shabby, though.
  • I missed my own rotator cuff therapy appointment to take C-man to his cast appointment. At the risk of being a big fat baby, my shoulder hurts really bad. Stupid shoulder.
  • How did this week go so quickly?

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