April 7, 2015

Staying the cation Day 2

It's cold and crappy out, which eliminates a ton of outdoorsy stuff I'd like to be doing. But it is really good for napping, something I never do anymore, which is kind of incredible. And so, after a dog park visit, Beasley and I took a little siesta. And then I used my new colored pencils to draw a bit. Because Kelley Bees still hasn't gotten me my hives to paint and set up, even though they were ordered a month ago. (Today's email response to my inquiry about where in the hell they are informed me the order is being expedited. Does that mean they forgot about me?!) Oh well.

Tomorrow's plan is a full day in Chicago. C-man wants to see the Field Museum. Beerman wants us to all hit up Eataly. With a restaurant called Nutella, I'm pretty sure we'll be quite happy there. I just want to spend a day doing something fun, and all of that seems to fit.

I really do love this not going to work thing.

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