April 14, 2015

The important stuff

Someone stopped me yesterday to tell me I was her inspiration at home. Imagine my surprise when she was mentioning the similarities - same workplace, only child, family is important... But an inspiration? With my messy house and crazy life and exhausted body? It wasn't about that, though. It was about how much fun we have. How many things we do together as a family. And how it seems we focus on the important things.


So I got to thinking about that. And while I wouldn't go as far as to think of myself as an inspiration, because seriously - that's pretty crazy, I am pleased with the love and happiness we feel in our house. And that's a good feeling, to be able to sit and recognize what it is that we're doing something right once in a while.

So while I may complain about my clutter and the dirty socks left on the ground and my aching back... it's good to know we still love one another and can fill the house with laughter for whoever happens to stop by.

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Mary Z said...

It's always good to recognize the important things. 8^)