April 23, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. C-man got his cast off yesterday. Boy, was he thrilled.
  2. We celebrated with a Snickers Blizzard. Because really, what else says celebrate your cast free day like Snickers and ice cream?
  3. His scrimmage was cancelled due to the cold. Happy Earth Day.
  4. Tonight he has the rescheduled scrimmage. Which is good, because he'll be able to play.
  5. He hasn't hit a ball in almost a year. This could be interesting.
  6. My bees aren't coming this weekend. Cold weather in the West coast is delaying their arrival.
  7. While a little sad, overall I'm okay with it, since it's been so cold.
  8. Also, because it means I get to see C-man's Saturday baseball game before driving north. That makes me happy.
  9. Did you see the people who got sick at the Ohio church potluck? I'm very sorry for them, but seriously, I told you so. Casseroles and potlucks are disgusting. Just say no.
  10. I have photos of places I've been all over my work area. They're old. I need new ones.
  11. We're looking at the Traverse City area for summer vacation. But that's a long time yet. I need something sooner.
  12. You'd never know I was already on vacation this month.
  13. I think this shoulder is exhausting me. I'm glad it's almost the weekend.

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Kim said...

Casseroles and potlucks are very disgusting. Ewwwwww!