April 30, 2015

Goodbye, April

The A's had another game last night. C-man hit another giant bomb his first at bat - out to right center. And he got his wish for another team to shout, "Get back!" when he approaches the plate. They were ahead until the 5th inning. And then it all fell apart, including C-man's hitting when he struck out. Damn. But, he did step in to pitch the last strikeout of the game, which was a good way for him to end it. It was another learning experience.

In other news, my giant hopes of a pain doctor fixing me were totally dashed this morning when he told me he couldn't help me. He gave me two prescriptions for narcotics and a bunch of orders for ridiculous tests and physical therapy. I took the scripts, because why not. But when a guy tells you he can't help you, I don't need thousands of dollars of tests to reiterate that. I could just cry.

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