April 16, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. C-man got notice that his petition was approved to play with the 6th grade football team this fall. Dear Lord. How did I get a child who not only is playing tackle football, but playing up a level?
  2. I was really smart and only primed the parts of my hive I'll need right away. While it's double mess when I have to do the rest, I didn't have to sprawl out everywhere. See, once in a while I'm pretty smart.
  3. My hive stand is supposed to arrive tomorrow, which means everything will be ready to go. Whoot! Well, after I paint the hive parts tonight, that is.
  4. Beasley has not been happy about not going to the dog park daily.
  5. If only he wouldn't run off and chase cars, I could get him to the closer, but not fenced in, dog park daily. Dummy.
  6. I've contacted a few dog trainers to help us, but none have responded. Annoying.
  7. I went to my first PT appointment for my shoulder today. They put an electric stimulation patch on my shoulder for the afternoon. So bizarre.
  8. C-man is down to less than a week before he should get this cast off.
  9. Gosh, I hope it's really off for good, or he's going to lose his mind.
  10. He had a big band concert today at the local Catholic High School, and couldn't go because he can't play his trumpet. Such a bummer over a finger.
  11. Fitbits are on a big sale at work. So low of a price, I was seriously tempted to buy one. But I really think they're so ugly, I can't bear to do it.
  12. I bought a new season of First Stage tickets for C-man and me. I was smart and planned around Packers Sundays, skiing Saturdays, and wrestling Sundays. Thank goodness for a few Friday evening performances!
  13. Only one more week and I can purchase our Alcatraz tickets for our summer visit to San Francisco.


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