January 10, 2016

It's that time of year again

We woke up bright and early on a Sunday, because it's that time of year again. Wrestling season. C-man was so nervous, he wouldn't even eat bacon on our drive to West Bend.

He got a quick take down in his first match, but then went on to lose 8 - 2. It didn't help that he got a giant bloody nose in the second period, and it was gushing all over the place and he needed a blood time out. Gross.

The second match proved to be a bit nicer for him. He handled things well, and then it got tied up, and then he pulled ahead again. He won 10 - 5.

The third match was tough. The kid took him down and pinned him pretty quickly. We won't speak of that ever again.

But the last match made the whole tournament worthwhile. C-man handled things well, and ended up with a solid pin.

Two wins and two losses at his first tournament of the year was good enough for a third place medal that he proudly wore all through lunch. And adding a new pin to his hat brought only smiles.

Wrestling is definitely not a sport for the weak-hearted or stomached. Only three more months to go.

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