January 31, 2016

Wrestling Recap

It was another all-day wrestling tournament weekend. This time, it was on Saturday in Germantown.

C-man went into the second period on the first round.

At which time he won by fall at 1:35.

His second match, he got pinned in the first period. It was a kid who had pinned him previously at the West Bend tournament. I would love to see the two match up again, though, because I don't think C-man would let it happen again.

He had a bye for the third round. But in the fourth, he was without his headgear and still pinned the opponent in 20 seconds.

And then he went into the fifth round, feeling pretty confident. I guess it was deservedly so, because his pin came at 56 seconds.

While tired, he was incredibly happy to hear the jingle of three new pins to his hat. And then he went to spend the night with 9 other wrestlers and play beer pong (with water). In other words, it was yet another stellar day in the life of this charmed child.

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