January 1, 2016

Resolutions for Joy

It's resolutions day. They're really all resolutions day if I'm looking at it the way I should. But I don't always approach things like that, so this is a good of a time as any to start over. And since we didn't go out at all last night (I gave myself a mild concussion when I got bonked by the chair lift and was super sick all day yesterday - don't ask. Let's just say thank God for helmets.), I'm feeling as good as a day 2 of a concussion can feel.

So here goes:

  • Books. I need to read more books. I'm aiming for 30 this year.
  • Pounds. 15 less of them. Preferably by Spring Break so I'm not ashamed to be in a bikini.
  • Workouts. This past year was about making my minimum 8 times a month gym visits so I didn't get charged. (Work pays for it if I make my 8) This year is about frequency. 3 times a week working out is my goal.
  • Meditation. Time to get back at it. I'm carving out 5 minutes a day as a start.
  • Declutter. A closet or area a month. If it doesn't give me joy, I'm getting rid of it.
Overall, I want this year to be about Joy. If it gives me and others joy, then it should be in my life. I want to thrive this year, not just go day to day. I'm very hopeful, as I am every new year. Bring it, 2016. We're going to make it great.

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