April 5, 2016

NZ- Adventure-town

We woke up in Queenstown today. After a little debate about whether we should go across the lake and see the sheep farm or stay around town, we decided to stay in town. The sheep farm, while my preference, would take four hours, and the others in the RV voted against it. So instead, we went to the Kiwi Bird Sanctuary. It was a fantastic little birding habitat and conservation spot where we learned about tatuaras, kiwis and other indigenous New Zealand birds.

After a nice lunch, we headed over to the Jet Shot Over Boats. Since this is totally not my thing, Beerman and C-man got in the red boat of death and shot up and down the river, through the canyons, spraying water.

They were thrilled.

I was completely content with my gorge photos.

From there, we moved on to check out the bungy jumpers off the Karau Gorge Bridge. C-man really wanted to do it, but knew he’d chicken out at the top. So we settled for watching the crazies.

Then we moved a bit further north, stopping at a lovely cheesery and winery, picking up items for our dinner. C-man fell in love with the smoked cheddar. Note to self: Don't eat another man's smoked cheddar.

Along the way north along Highway 6, I made the boys stop for some photos. This is Lake Dunstan in a lovely reflective moment.

And Lake Hawea.

And now, we're heading North as far as we can go until we hit the West coast or dark - whichever comes first. It's definitely been a trip of adventures. And with some adventure fun behind us, we're ready for some whales and seals and penguins or whatever finds us. (Sheep, most likely). It's a nice place, this New Zealand.

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