April 6, 2016

NZ- Westward

We started our day on the north end of Lake Wanaka. We’d found a nice campsite for the night, and got to see a lovely sunset over the lake. Beerman and C-man discovered perfect walking sticks  – C-man’s was even carved out a bit – so they could pretend to be Gandalf.

In the morning, we got up and headed  Northwest to the Western coast of New Zealand. We had no plans, other than to go north on Highway 6. And it turned out perfectly. After breakfast and dumping the RV’s gray water (gross – totally Beerman’s job), we saw waterfalls and beautiful views everywhere in Mount Aspiring Park.

Some were roadside.

Some were at Blue Pools.

Some were at Roaring Billy Falls.

Some were under one-laned bridges.

Then at Monro Beach, we got out and decided to do the walk for a bit. It was a gorgeous walk, with loads of ferns and fantail birds and a great swing bridge. 

At the end, there was the Tasman Sea. Later in the year, it’s a penguin breeding ground. But for now, it’s just a lovely view.

Unfortunately, the sand flies sent us on our way, and we continued North on Highway 6. We saw more gorgeous views, and eventually made our way to the Fox Glacier, where we are going to camp for the night. After dinner, we walked a few minutes down the road, and into the local forest which was full of glow worms. It was so cool to see! It really was a great end to an extremely nice day. And tomorrow - glaciers.

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