April 15, 2016

NZ- When all things come to an end

Unfortunately, we reached our last day. But not ones to let it go to waste, we laid out a plan. We packed up our things, had breakfast, drove to the RV return, got a ride to the airport where we paid to stow our bags (Fiji Airways only opens 3 hours prior to departure), and walked across the street to the International Antarctic Centre.

We started the tour with a trip into the Antarctic Storm area. They gave us rubber shoes and coats to wear, and then put us in a windy, 0 degree F environment. We joked a little that it really wasn't that cold in comparison to Wisconsin. (Honestly, our noses didn't even freeze up) Other tourists were not accustomed to such ridiculousness, though, and were shivering.

After this, we moved on to see the little blue penguins. Finally, penguins.

After learning about the Antarctic environment a bit, we walked back to the airport for the long slog back home.

Our 16 days away were pretty tremendous. We snorkeled and swam, we climbed mountains and trekked, we zip-lined and jet boated, we drove an RV and rode go karts, we saw gorgeous views and tasted the sea, we searched for penguins and saw a whale. And we laughed. And smiled. And walked away from the experience with such tremendous memories that will last us a forever. And for that, I'm incredibly thankful.

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Mary Z said...

I posted about the Antarctic Center before I read this entry (obviously). Glad you got to see it. And glad you had such a super time. What's next?