April 22, 2016


  • My hive that came with the dead queen will not be replaced. The only option they gave me is to give me a new queen. Which was a stupid option. Since A) I'd have to get it in Appleton instead of Sheboygan, where I picked up my bees, (A point 2 - That's still a 1.5 hour drive, plus the additional hour to Coleman and then all the way back) B) The hive had already been queenless for who knows how long and I shouldn't have had to guess whether they'd stick around, and C) I had no way of knowing they were going to have a spare queen to just give to me even if I could get to Appleton to get her. So, so dumb. Honey Bee Ware is sooo off my list of places to buy from or ever recommend. I told them so, but I'm not sure they care.
  • I think I'm about 2 hours jetlagged now. I am having a hard time getting to sleep until midnight, and am awake around 4 a.m. It's getting closer...
  • C-man starts baseball tomorrow. We went to his personal training session last night in an effort to get him up to speed after the practices he'd missed. It looks like he'll play first base and catch on Saturday. At least it's not nearly as nerve-wracking as wrestling.
  • Beasley was groomed - aka shaved down - this week. Something happens to him when he loses all his hair. It's like the sass can come out that much easier.
  • C-man has taken to running Beasley when he gets home from school. They both love that.
  • I'm the adult champion for the Milwaukee Jingle Bell Walk this year. Which I guess means I'm the poster child for pain? Regardless, get ready for the donation asks and to mark November 13th on your calendars. I need a big team!
  • I got my hairs highlighted last night. Man, it's nice to get rid of those grays.
  • Sunday, I have a massage scheduled. Yes, please.

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