April 11, 2016

Be Right Back

Sorry I've been mostly MIA on this trip. When there is a signal for internet, it's been dodgy. And they charge you by the minute here. (What happened to free internet for everyone, Mark Zuckerberg?!) Anyhow, we've made our way from Christchurch to Wanaka to Queenstown to Wanaka to Fox Glacier to Punakaia to Blenheim to Kaiakoura and back to Christchurch. We've had loads of amazing and incredible adventures in between. From jet boats to glaciers to vineyards to go karts. We always each pick our Gold-Silver-Bronze moments of a trip, and C-man can't even decide what they are, there are so many. So to say it's been grand is an understatement.

I promise to catch up on the details once we're back. And unfortunately, that's coming soon. We're packing bags up tonight, because tomorrow, we make the long slog home to Milwaukee via Fiji, LA, and Phoenix.


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