April 14, 2016

NZ - Across the Country Again

We woke up in the morning, and despite the crummy weather, decided to head back to the blow holes. High tide was 11 a.m., and we were told that it would be a big miss to leave without seeing it. We made it around 10 a.m. - a little early, but still good to hear the enormous booms of crashing waves followed by a huge spray of water above our heads. Everyone cheered for the good ones. It was like a little celebration of water. I loved it.

Having seen no penguins, and being tired of the rain, we decided to move East. There was a point in the middle of the trek across the country that we had to decide whether to keep going to Blenheim (wine country) or head North to Nelson. While Nelson would be amazing, it would mean more driving. So with resignation, we stayed moving Eastward.

After a while, we were tired of driving. So we got out and had some lunch. We noticed Buller Gorge Swing Bridge on the map nearby, and decided to check it out. And we were not disappointed. There was a really cool swing bridge over the Buller River.

On the other side, we followed the pathways around to see some cool fauna and mining equipment. There was even a really old, giant tree. But the highlight was the way across the river. There would be no swing bridge again for us. It was zip line or bust. And away we went.

After this, we happily got back in our car and continued our way East, ultimately ending up in a campground in Spring Creek, just North of Blenheim. (Hello, wine country.) We walked up the road to a cute little pub - Junction Hotel and Bar, where we ordered our meals. We got accused of being Aucklanders when Beerman tried ordering non-mainstream beers. It was a funny experience we enjoyed thoroughly. I still can't believe I didn't document the food. Darn.

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