October 24, 2016

5 more days

  • Football on Saturday was an absolute disaster. It was like these kids had never played before. Ugh.
  • C-man and I went to see Goosebumps at First Stage yesterday. Meh. Granted, we're pretty harsh critics since we've seen so many. Also, musicals aren't our jam. But still, it was a middle of the road show.
  • He was most angry at some kids behind us making fun of a man with obvious special needs. I was most angry at their parents who didn't shut it down. So disappointing.
  • I tried to mow our lawn this weekend, but the mower is on its last legs. Time to get a new one.
  • It's the last week of football, which is hard to believe. But then I was quickly reminded that wrestling starts in November this year. Good Lord....
  • Which also means Santa can't bring wrestling shoes this year. Darn. That was a solid gift.
  • Only 5 days until the weekend. Whoot!

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