October 27, 2016

Thursday Thirteen

  1. It's open enrollment time at work. You know, the time to find out how screwed you are on health insurance. Anyone who thinks this system is the right one needs a slap to the face.
  2. Saturday is the last football game of the season. I'm glad.
  3. It's supposed to rain at game time. Oh goody.
  4. It's the last night of football practice. You know, the last night of me having a couple hours of quiet in the house to pick up and watch the TV I want to watch.
  5. No World Series to watch tonight. If the Cubs win, I'll vomit. Literally. All those sanctimonious Cubs fans are going to make me physically ill. Because honestly, a large market SHOULD be able to buy themselves a team. So let Cleveland have the glory.
  6. PLEASE, let Cleveland have this glory.
  7. We have a new cafeteria at work that serves mini donuts. Freshly fried mini donuts. I've been restrained so far, but man, they're tempting.
  8. Beasley turned 6 this month. We only know he was born in October, not the date. I guess we should celebrate with a liver cake or something.
  9. I need to get up to see my bees. I was hoping this weekend, although we have a party on Sunday. So Packers and party it is.
  10. A lot of people at work are sick. I wish they'd stay home. It's like a ticking time bomb over my head.
  11. I've almost binged through House of Lies. I like it and hate it all at the same time.
  12. Adults don't wear costumes to the party we're going to on Sunday. I have a Little Red Riding Hood costume. I'm still not sure if I'll wear it. It seems wrong, being trick or treat and all.
  13. I think I need those donuts today...

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