October 21, 2016

Can it just be over now

The election is almost here. We all know the ins and outs of it. And it's particularly annoying to me, because I could have voted ages ago, and it would be the same result. (Honestly, climate change alone is enough of a reason to run screaming from the Republicans) But I've found a different sort of annoyance about this election beyond all the obvious stuff - and it's with non-Americans.

I love to travel. I love governmental systems and processes. And I love just that overall awareness of being a citizen of the world. I often follow random political happenings around the world, because I just find it totally fascinating.

But never have I felt the need to start imposing my external views and posting about it on Facebook. Or Twitter.

Yet never have I felt the need to intimate that said country is dumb for choosing the way they did, or should have done something different. And yet, my Facebook and Twitter feeds are filled with this kind of talk. Canadians in particular are constantly popping off about what we should and shouldn't do. (I mean honestly, they had Harper for years, and I didn't post article after article about it.) I see other nationalities posting "funny" memes, that aren't really funny at all when taken into context. (You don't see me obsessively bagging on the antiquated monarchy system bunches of countries have, do you? No, because it's their choice.) And yes, I saw the whole JK Rowling nuclear code tweet and all the people cheering for her. But I still stand with the fact that she's totally wrong.

Yes, our election is important. Possibly one of the most important of the whole world based on history and position. But still, those who don't have a vote in the matter should sit down and be quiet about it. Because it isn't their country. It isn't their decision. And they shouldn't be imposing their values on us like they always accuse when it's reversed.

I guess I equate it to the whole 'I can bag on my sister, but will punch you in the mouth when you decide you can do it'. And after two years of this nonsense, I'm feeling a little angry with all the sanctimony.

Whew. I feel better now.

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