October 7, 2016

Those end of week thoughts

  • Beerman comes home from the Great American Beer Festival today. He got to judge honey beers during one of his rounds this week. He said they were very disrespectful to the bees.
  • C-man and I were talking last night, and he expressed a desire to go on a trip this year. When I informed him that we'd already gone on a trip this year, and reminded him about those things we did in Fiji and New Zealand, he declared, "But that's so in the past, Mom!" I'm pretty sure this is my fault...
  • Clinton's lead is gaining over Trump. Maybe some of the country is coming to its senses?
  • I did enjoy that today's front page of the paper was about the decision of debate vs Packers game. Seriously, you can see all of the debate in snippets and via Twitter. Packers it is.
  • It's school picture day. Which is sort of funny, considering how many photos he has taken of himself all the time. But today was quite important, as was how much gel got shlacked in that hair.
  • I'm totally over this weather. It's killing me.
  • Tomorrow, we have football in the morning. I hope it's at least sunny.

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