October 20, 2016

Thursday Thirteen Things to Do Today

  1. Meditate. After I got all committed to doing it, I totally forgot to follow through this morning. I've had a killer headache for two days, and it's really distracted me.
  2. Get people to sign up for my Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins team. I'm the Adult Champion this year, and my team is pretty appallingly small. I don't even have enough people to get our names on the back. Boo.
  3. Hold an interview. Stick a fork in me. I hate doing interviews.
  4. Get Beasley to the vet. He's overdue for his annual visit, and been coughing a lot. I'm worried.
  5. Go to teachers' conferences. This is going to be an interesting one. After a rough first few weeks, I think C-man's settled in. He got 100% on his last math and science tests. So that's something.
  6. Walk 4 kilometers. I have another 10k Pokemon egg (those are the potentially good ones), and I'm all exzcited to see what hatches from it.
  7. Get a coffee. And a water. This headache is not going anywhere anytime soon. Man, I never got headaches like this before. I'm finding it really irritating.
  8. Get a birthday present for a friend. He's having a surprise party thrown for him on Saturday. I always struggle with these things because I don't want to show up empty handed.
  9. Call CarMax to make sure they've titled our truck correctly. We financed through US Bank, and CarMax inconveniently forgot to submit the right paperwork. Just one more thing...
  10. Figure out what we're having for dinner tonight, because it'll have to be ready in front of the Packers game as soon as the boys get home from practice.
  11. Remember to take my label maker home. We have to label our water pipes 'municipal' and 'well' to pass inspection. So dumb. At least I like using my label maker.
  12. Get a new profile picture for my Facebook page. It's been the same one for a while, and I want a new one. I guess that means I should take photos of something other than football teams right now.
  13. Take more Advil. Honestly, this headache is killing me.

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