October 18, 2016


October is over halfway gone. There's one (possibly two) weekends of KnightCats football left. The geese are all flying southward in their lopsided Vs. It's the time of year I like the least - the days are short, the weather cool and makes me achy, everyone starts to get sick, and the hectic nature of beer festivals and school make everything a little bit crazier. As is the tendency this time of year, I find it harder to be happy. Harder to find the joy in the little things. Harder to be patient and easy going. The sleep is more difficult, and the eating gets crappier.

I'm trying really, really hard to change that, though. I'm really focused on not getting angry so quickly, at slowing down and listening to what's going on around me, and taking more walks when I'm able. Part of that has included meditating more often, something I've really found to be helpful. I'm determined to not fall into a pit of despair this winter, which means I've got to start not sliding into that dark hole now.

I think as soon as C-man goes to college, we need to move somewhere warm and sunny. Belize, here we come...

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