October 4, 2016

Tuesday Ten

  1. I feel awful. This weather is terrible. I can't sleep. Eating makes me sick. And my skin looks terrible.
  2. Last night, while in a rush to get the house picked up and dinner cooking, Beasley decided to roll in something very disgusting and very dead. It took me 45 minutes with shampoo and a hose to get him less black. But I don't think it did a thing for the stink.
  3. We got the middle school wrestling schedule today. Seriously. Can't we get through one sport at a time?
  4. On a good news front, C-man is feeling much better. Those doctors who said it was a virus were full of it. 2 days of antibiotics, and he magically turned around? Hardly a coincidence.
  5. He had off school yesterday for Rosh Hashanah. He stayed home and slept all day. I won't lie - I was pretty jealous.
  6. At least he gets a hair cut tonight in advance of school photos. When I asked him what he'll wear, he responded with, "A purple shirt." As if the last several years of wearing a purple shirt weren't evidence enough of what he'd do this year.
  7. I've got to take a photo of the entire football program this month. I measured it out last night. A photo of 120 people is going to be an undertaking, to say the least.
  8. I really need to get up to see my bees and see what they need. But ugh. I'm feeling lazy.
  9. I have to make dinner tonight. I'm not good at that. Maybe it'll be dinner out after the hair cut.
  10. Meanwhile, Beerman is off judging beers. Ah, October.

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