October 13, 2016

Seven Things for Tuesday actually on Wednesday because I forgot to hit publish yesterday

  1. Fall fest is this weekend. That's when we invite a bunch of people to the house (47 are coming this year), feed them under a tent, and show a movie.
  2. This year's movie is Spaceballs. I'm so glad these kids are old enough to show the good movies.
  3. We have hardly done anything for this party. Sigh. Time to kick it into gear.
  4. Friday, I'm going to be taking the all football program team photo. I'm really nervous about this.
  5. Beerman's phone finally broke. The thing was so old, I'm surprised it didn't have a rotary dial on it. But anyhow, it's really weird to not be able to text him.
  6. I went to the chiropractor for the first time in ages. I felt like I needed a smoke and a nap after. Man, I love the chiropractor.
  7. This is what Beerman has been saying for years about arthritis, but it is a pretty great article that actually names the bacteria. Oldish article, but new to me.

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