July 29, 2014

10 happy things

I feel like griping and complaining. Iraq's constant coverage, the reasons for the nonexistent Syria coverage, unstoppable ebola outbreaks, Putin, Pakistani riots, my back... But putting that negativity in its fullest form out to the universe (wow, does that ever sound hippy dippy!) seems like a bad idea.

So here are 10 happy things:
  1. My bees are cooking along extremely well. Beatrix is a mess, but that's okay. They're really happy. And happy bees make happy honey.
  2. Coffee with half and half is so delicious. (I think that's always on the top 10 list!)
  3. Alba's pore-fecting face mask
  4. Reading the latest Gabriel Allon book
  5. Graphic t-shirts. My favorite is a new one that just says, "Hello"
  6. An invitation to another team's breakfast potluck. All the food, and none of the work
  7. Wear whatever you want to work dress code
  8. A sunny walk on the beach
  9. A meeting-less afternoon I'm going to spend working from home
  10. My musical shower head

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