July 10, 2014

Past Humpday

  • Somebody in the neighborhood has a rogue honeybee hive, because they're regularly getting drunk off my milkweed.
  • I'm really jealous someone has a hive. I took a neighborhood walk to try to figure out where it is, with no luck. There are so many possible hiding places, that I'm going to need to follow the bees a bit closer today.
  • I get to see my own bees on Saturday. I'm so excited. I really hope they're doing well.
  • The loss of both Brazil and the Netherlands put C-man into such a funk, he was not fun to deal with last night. Apparently he's "that guy" with sports losses.
  • It'd be about right to have an Argentina win in Brazil. They spend billions on it only to have their mortal enemy take it all?
  • I got my hair cut and highlighted the other night, so she straightened it. I went to work that way. It'll be a long time before I do that again, because it hijacked every meeting I was in. "It's just straight hair, people!"

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