July 15, 2014

So I guess I'm a beekeeper: And it's finally going the right way

So this weekend I went to see my bees. The good news is all is well.

Amelia's hive has built out comb throughout both brood boxes. The bottom box was filled with sealed brood, ready for baby bees to be born this week. There were even a couple frames of sealed honey. The second box was drawn out in 5 frames, and had eggs and larva, which means that even though I didn't see Amelia, she was up there. (The queen is usually within a frame of the day-old sticking straight up perpendicular to the frame eggs.) Overall, the frames were textbook pretty from a beekeeper's perspective.

Beatrix's hive was built out a bit more, although still in only one brood box, and less than textbook. There were eggs, larva, and sealed brood. There was also a bunch of comb being built on the wooden sides of the hive box. This hive is definitely doing things its own way! It was comforting to see them drawing out comb and that Beatrix had many baby bees ready to be born this week. So it's directionally correct, if not a little frustrating.

Both hives were incredibly happy and gentle. I didn't need smoke or my net, which was a nice treat. So here's to another two weeks of them making babies and honey!

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Mary Z said...

Hooray and congratulations!