July 20, 2014

Life at this house

Yesterday, C-man woke up at the house,with Kid 1 (neighbor) here after having slept over. They played all morning (turning down an invite from Kid 2 to come over) and later picked up Kid 3 from the neighborhood on their bikes. C-man has a summer cold, so I told him that about 1 pm, he should come home for some quiet time, which he did instead of meeting more neighborhood kids for pickup soccer at the school behind the house. 15 minutes later, Kid 4 called for him to come over and play. Which he did until 5, (missing an invite for a sleepover from Kid 5 while there) so he could come home to clean up to go to Kid 1's birthday party with 14 other boys. (The puppy at Kid 4's house chewed his flip flops, so his mother went out and promptly bought him an ultra-expensive pair to replace his $20 stinky ones that needed replacing.) He slept over at Kid 1's house with 3 other boys.

Today, after coming home from the sleepover and having some breakfast with us, he went swimming at Kid 2's house. (A house at which we were instructed to enter the "East entrance".) Meanwhile, Kids 1 and 3 have shown up at the door twice looking for him to come play.

I had planned a slower day of us geocaching, a picnic, and hanging out as a family. My introverted self cannot even imagine going through the out and about that C-man has happily partaken in this weekend. Especially when not feeling 100%. But he absolutely thrives on it. I'm thankful he's so happy and makes friends so easily, but wow, it's exhausting just watching!

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