July 21, 2014

Monday's child

Well, we're back to Monday again.

  • I tweaked my lower back yesterday while weeding out in the yard. Man, it hurts.
  • Beerman and I have caught C-man's summer virus, so it feels like a cat is living at the top of my throat.
  • It's been a good year for cool flying stuff in our gardens. Last year there was almost nothing. This year is worthy of hours of watching monarchs and bees and dragonflies.
  • I have a bevy of mourning doves in my backyard. I ran out of the Kaytee finch food, and substituted with the local garden store finch good and they all left. I put it back in, and they're back. Amazon Subscribe n Save on that stuff, because I love my cooing doves.
  • Except I saw a hawk hunting in our backyard yesterday. I'm trying not to think about the ramifications of that.
  • There were two local skydiving accidents this weekend. If you're hurtling yourself out of a plane, and you get hurt, can it really be called an accident?
  • I'm knee deep into The Heist. I wait all year for my Gabriel Allon books, and then whip through them. I'm trying to take this one slower so I don't mourn it so hard after.
  • I've been getting some friend request acceptances on Facebook. From people I don't know, and never requested. What's up with that?
  • It's been nice and warm. I hope that means my bees are happy. It's hard going two weeks without seeing them. Although it was incredibly nice to not have to make a multi-hour drive this weekend.
  • Beerman and I closed down another new beer garden this weekend. It's right outside where we had our wedding reception. I didn't see the bride, but the wedding wasn't as amazing as ours.

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