July 16, 2014

Is it the weekend yet?

  • The church asked me to take photos of the church's exterior and interior for the new website. C-man was not happy with having to go after camp to do it. But he lived.
  • I had to fight with FedEx because I rented a wide-angle lens that they didn't deliver on time, even though I paid extra to get it shipped on Saturday. I'm done with using FedEx.
  • How is it only Wednesday in this crazy week?
  • How is the temperature in the 40s for my bees? 40s?!? It's July. This is crazy.
  • I can't get full lately. I don't like that.
  • Is it the weekend yet?

1 comment:

jon said...

If FedEx does not deliver when they should, FedEx should pay the difference in shipping.

The company I worked for had a person check this out. We shipped high priority items all over the world.

The fact that we had a person checking this on a daily basis tells me that their is big money involved.

This applied to ups also.