July 24, 2014

Thursday ten bits of random because I can't get to thirteen

  1. Oh my gosh, I hate being sick in the summer. I've got a cough that is deep in my chest and overall I just feel terrible. I'm supposed to read in church on Sunday, but hopefully someone will take it for me so I don't inadvertently hack on top of everyone.
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is going to be filmed. I adore Johnny Depp, but I think we beat that horse about 2 movies ago.
  3. The Fifty Shades of grey trailer is out. As dippy as the books were, I'm totally going to that movie.
  4. I'm feeling so crummy, I'd really like to go home and watch Sweet Home Alabama with Harry at my feet.
  5. Speaking of Harry, I forgot to pay the dog walker today. Darn it.
  6. These continued botched death row executions make me so sad. The concept of justifying evil with evil eludes me.
  7. I'm going to visit my bees on Sunday. I'm really hoping they're doing okay. I need to get a second brood box on Beatrix and a honey super on Amelia if they're going to have any chance of making it through the winter.
  8. I can't believe I'm thinking winter already. Oy!
  9. We have a beer garden party planned with our friends this weekend. I love the local beer gardens.
  10. I have little patience today.

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