January 16, 2015

A smiling soul

This week, I saw quite a bit of California - from LA to San Francisco. It was a great trip (except for that middle brown, stinky, flat part), and even the work parts of it were fantastic. Wednesday night, we took a little jaunt down to Monterey to see the sunset over the bay. It was absolutely beautiful, and reminded me a lot of South Africa with its craggy rocks and rough waves. But it really reminded me how much of an ocean lover I am. The openness and the infinite feeling of it all just make my soul smile.


And now I'm back.

Almost immediately after getting home, we headed off to pick up C-man from wrestling practice and watch the high school match. But now it's the weekend, and I plan on spending a little time with family, doing a little laundry, heading to another of C-man's tournaments, and watching the Packers. Boom.

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